Renovation Services

Ceramic and stone tile is one of the most versatile materials available for construction. It’s rugged, wears exceptionally well and comes in many styles, colors and sizes. So it’s no wonder our clients have been finding uses for tile in a wide variety of applications. We’ve installed tile in just about every room in a house, outdoors, on many walls and more. If you love tile as much as we do, why not get in touch and find out how you can add a touch of luxury to your favorite spaces? We have years of experience and love to work with our clients to bring their ideas to life!

Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Installation

In addition to being expert tile contractors, we also provide hardwood and laminate flooring installations. From simple square rooms to unusual floor shapes, we have the experience to get your floor installed the way you want and really make the room pop!

Hardwood flooring installation