Kitchen Tiling

We’ve already discussed the advantages of floor tile, and those are even more true in a high traffic kitchen where a mess on the floor is part of the fun. But what are some other advantages specific to kitchen tile?


Let’s face it, cooking can get messy. Sauces simmering and pans splattering, some things just want to get on your walls! That’s where a tile backsplash comes in. Easy to clean and no staining, your kitchen will look brand new with just a couple of wipes. And with a backsplash, you really get an opportunity to express yourself with a ton of design choices.


Need new countertops? Consider a ceramic tile countertop. Why? Here are the top advantages:

  • much less expensive than granite or quartz
  • more design options – allows for intricate patterns and color combinations
  • heat resistant – unlike granite ceramic tile won’t crack if you set a hot pan down

Tile countertops are becoming more popular as an affordable way to add value in your kitchen. Give us a call and we’ll help explore the possibilities.